Tenaya Peak

Tenaya Peak

My partner in crime put some nice editing effort into making a video of one of our trips from summer 2010... enjoy!

Our plan was to do a linkup of Tenaya Peak, Matthes Crest, Cathedral, and maybe some Echoes. The morning went flawlessly on Tenaya (which this video is about).

For the afternoon, I took tons of pictures of mountain flowers I'd never seen (nice close-ups of about 20 different kinds), some wildlife (including some pheasants or similar creatures), and lots of nice climbing photos, but my hard disk crashed after I downloaded the pics! Oh well. I've got my memories for now. Luckily le_bruce came through with the digital memories.

Altitude sickness put a damper on the afternoon plans, but we made it up to the ridge of Matthes Crest before bailing off and it was overall still a good day (for me at least). I will definitely be back to do that adventure loop again. And I can see repeats of the adventure as a training circuit and just plain awesome day in the mountains for time-limited squishy-bodied weekend warriors.

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3 thoughts on “Tenaya Peak

  1. Saw that shirt and thought it was Cosmic. Fun climb except for all that gear you were lugging 😄

    1. Ha, we didn’t know exactly what we were going to do, so had ropes in case something on Matthes Crest or one of the Echoes got too sketchy! Turned out to be useful, as le_buce got a migraine headache just after reaching the crest of Matthes Crest on the south side, and I had to whip out the rope and rig up a belay to lower him. He was in bad shape but made it out to the road under his own power.

  2. home made DaBrim!
    Love this climb. Great memories. Thanks for posting this stuff the first time, and finding it a new home here.

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