A Pictureful Wintery Weekend in Yosemite

A Pictureful Wintery Weekend in Yosemite

To honor the present snowfall in Yosemite, and because I just got myself sorted out for uploading pics again, here's a November 2012 weekend in winter conditions. I love the valley when the snow falls and you can spread out and enjoy any spot you want and feel like you have it all to yourself.

First must start with hearty victuals:

And to make it portable and more caloric, add a stick of butter and throw it in a blender:

It's like carbonara-flavored Power Bars but makes you fart stinky. Maybe that's just me. It was whole-wheat spaghetti noodles, and I hadn't yet figured out that wheat disagrees with me. With the eggs, bacon, pine nuts, and butter stick, I think I'll call them Gout Bars.

Woo Hoo! On the road, psych is building:

This is how le_bruce rolls:

Now that's what I'm talking about! Perfect Camp 4 conditions:

Dude, where did our tarp go?

It's a beautiful morning:

Plenty of spots available:

Woah, how come I never noticed that cool pinnacle before? That must be a proof that I never lived in Camp4:

It's even pretty out in front of the cafeteria:

It's hard to find an unpretty spot to look:

We like to chill and soak it all in:

And dream of future climbs:

Some dudes chillin' on the big stone:

le_bruce is so excited to remember Steck Salathe that he unleashes his inner Barry Gibbs. Or John Travolta. Or something. There are plenty of photos of me around inspired to strike this pose, but I don't think I've perfected the form like he has. His wife is a good dancer, maybe that gives him an advantage.

So 4-Mile Trail it is. I've never been up to Glacier Point before this:

Le_bruce showing me how big his balls are. As if I didn't already know.


I just like this picture:

Uh oh, starting to get a little artsy:

It's hard to resist scrambling up on stuff along the way:

I think this is something I scrambled up while le_bruce kept trucking along:

So many great spots in the valley:

Who has scrambled out onto these pinnacles?

Or this?

The moody weather is a perfect accompaniment to the day:

If I had ever spent a time in my life living in the valley, I would probably have scrambled up all kinds of stuff like this:

But so little time, must prioritize.... did I mention that I love winter in Yosemite, even when it's technically still autumn?

Rollin' rollin' rollin', keep them doggies rollin':

The valley is down there somewhere:

Peek-a-boo! there it is:

Cleared up just in time!


And there's the money shot

We even get a free edumacation!

Just gorgeous:

I lost all my videos from this day, but le_bruce probably has some funny ones of our silly antics running down the trail, before and after this:

My camera battery died prematurely, but these were some of the prettiest moments I've had in the valley:

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