Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

Had a wonderful evening exploring the tidepools with the kids... not too many of these adventures left before they flee the nest! As school and friends and extra-curricular activities compete for time, I appreciate even more than I used to the times we get out and enjoy nature together.

OK, artsy-farsty time for a while...

Gooseneck barnacle:

Chiton, sea anemones, mussels:

Owl limpet, and many other plants and animals:

This was a normal and common site when I was a kid, but it has been years since I've seen a nice starfish (ahem, "sea star"). I was shocked last year walking along my childhood tidepool haunts with my daughter, and nary was a sea star to be seen! Remarkable! There was a major die-off a few years ago because of some disease... I can't help but wonder if that disease susceptibility is related to climate change, pollution, etc. I hope they can bounce back and that this isn't one of the last times we'll get to see these in the wild. Edit: looks like it is related to climate change:

After the tidepools, we had a nice dinner out at a Mexican/Peruvian place in Half Moon Bay, and back home before dusk completely settled.

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